General Manager, Marko Šobota, MA

Marko is the founder and General Manager of Gama System d.o.o.

His professional career began as a Factor Work (a method of study of work and time) analyst in the company BII - Bureau of Industrial Engineering in Ljubljana. Then for three years he worked in the same company as a consultant for the technical organization of production activities, then the next six years, was the head of the department for streamlining production processes, and between 1988 and 1992 he was director of the company.

In 1992 he decided to implement his own vision of development and founded the company Gama System, which he has been leading since its inception.

In the initial years the company carried out primarily educational and consulting activities, namely in the field of industrial engineering, with special emphasis on introducing ISO management systems. Gama System has helped to obtain the quality certificate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, for many large and reputable companies.

After three years of operation, based on the finding that management systems lack computer support, the company decided to develop its own software. During this time the company managed to do a turnaround in the business. The company is after a decade still recognized as an advanced software development house, with its own brand Gama System®.

The market has recognized Gama System as an innovative company with a number of important achievements, both at home and abroad. Employees are very proud that the company has over 20 years of work in accordance with the highest moral values. With our clients we built genuine and long-term business relationships based on trust, professionalism, fairness, and work commitments.

Among the employees solid ties and excellent atmosphere are established, which are backed up by excellent working conditions.

Marko Šobota spends his free time with his wife, daughter, grandson and granddaughter, of whom he is particularly proud.

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