Gama System® eDocs
Gama System® eDocs

Enterprise Content Management System

ECM and document management system are a basic component of a modern company. Business process support and automatic report creation allow detailed tracking of document flows in the company.

More product details, product brochure and whitepaper can be found on the official Gama System eDocs site.


Legally Valid 


  • Preserves existing user knowledge
  • Independent definition of processes and flows
  • Different user interfaces
  •  Digital signature support
  • Timestamp support
  • Secure revision traces and guaranteed distribution
  •  Modular document management system
  • Integration of office application
  • Support for all file formats


Gama System® eDocs document management system is designed for electronic documents. It supports all formats of electronic documents and any type of documentation. With the workflows defined it can support any business process of electronic document management and exchange.


The system includes different user interfaces (desktop application, web application, Windows SharePoint user interface), document generators (Microsoft Office System) and integration points for connecting to ERP and backend systems. Gama System® eDocs supports automatic integration with Gama System® eArchive legally valid archive. 

User Friendly

Gama System® eDocs is a user friendly document management system. With configurable rules the user can be led into creating business documentation without knowing the process and its limitations. Security and legal validity are automatically applied to the process of creating and managing documents.


Organized workflow

Business processes tied to the classification plan

Document distribution

Correct document distribution according to the rules defined.  Automatic distribution

Analytical reporting

Analytic OLAP reports generation, control over business processes


Integrated modules for inbound and outbound mail, document capturing, filing office and technical documentation

Highly connected

Integration of partners, web access, service interfaces

System Characteristics

  • Digital Signatures, Secure revision traces, Time stamping
  • Distribution lists
  • Document versioning
  • Configurable workflows
  • Web user interface
  • High granularity of permissions
  • Configurable classification plan
  • OLAP reporting
  • Capturing of paper documents
  • Document templates and forms
  • Integration with electronic archives

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