Long Term Electronic Archiving
Long Term Electronic Archiving

Join the successful organizations which have found that the electronic archiving of paper and electronic documents was necessary to reduce costs and optimize business operations.

If you only have one of the following challenges in your organization, it is worth thoroughly exploring options that a modern electronic archiving gives you.

Challenges We Solve:

  • Employees spend a lot of time searching the archives, some documents or important information in them, is practically impossible to find
  • Archive of documents on the file server does not provide the storage, use and destruction of documents in accordance with legal validity, industry standards and business rules of the company
  • The physical archive is messy, very difficult for normal use and unprotected (against stealing, altering, moisture, flood, fire)
  • Existing software solutions can not provide a valid legal archiving of documents.

Your benefits

Save time and increase productivity

  • With automatic classification, archiving and destruction of documents 
  • With a simple search, quick access and return of documents in the e-archive
  • With simultaneous access of several employees to the same document
  • Using information from existing documents allows for the gradual establishment of organizations' knowledge base
  • With greater responsiveness to customers and suppliers

Cutting costs

  • Archive space and equipment 
  • Printing and copying
  • Office materials for archiving

Compliance with the regulatory operation of the business in the field of

  • Government and regulatory requirements
  • Industrial standards
  • Internal regulations, requirements, and processes

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