Software Optimization
Software Optimization

Do clients complain about the slowness of your solution? Do not leave them unsatisfied.

Optimization of software solutions represents a time-consuming and complex process that starts with the establishment of a project team and the definition of objectives. At the same time, in some cases optimization is required at the level of software code or change individual platform settings.

The scope of optimization software solutions can be divided into:.

  • Optimization of existing solutions
  • Design optimization

Perform optimization of existing solutions, which includes revisions of key parts of the source code, change the mode of development and the potential change in architecture or individual level solutions.

The focus is on:

  • Performance optimization
  • Optimization of the maintenance of source code

Optimizing maintenance of source code is the basis for a single development standard, which includes the use of the same classes to achieve the same objectives, the definition of best practices and common development of the Convention.

Design optimization provides insight into the typical sets of source code, that represent a bottleneck in the operation of existing solutions. Optimization is carried out exclusively on the Microsoft platform. NET.

With the help of own test tools and system indicators we typically achieve multiple improvements at the pre-defined metrics.

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