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Gama System at 6th Slovenian Innovation Forum

Gama System presented an advanced method of scanning documents, at the 6th Slovenian Forum of Innovation (SFI), which was also visited by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Türk. The innovation enables major savings at dealing with documents.

Solution Gama System® SimpleScan, has ranked among the 55 best innovations, from 235 registered participants of the SFI and occupied the fifth place among all the innovations in the category of SME.

Solution Gama System® SimpleScan, was also presented at the open stage, where Matevž Gačnik, Technical Manager (CTO), highlighted the usefulness of innovation to a wider range of listeners in various business processes, such as, in banks, insurance companies, public administration, as well as the internal processes of any organization.

The Innovation Gama System® SimpleScan has aroused great interest among visitors of exhibition area, mainly due to an intuitive and easy way of scanning various documents. The solution also supports fully automatic trimming, rotation, lighting, separation and transmission of documents in various information systems.

Innovation was seen by some renowned economists and representatives from the public sector. Especially they were impressed about the speed of operation, ease of usage and added value of the solution. The company Gama System believes, that the responses of the visitors, after the demonstrations, represents a credible measure of solution quality. Extremely important was the response of inexperienced users (younger and older users). They were able to use the solution immediately, after the presentation.

SimpleScan Gama System® is an innovative solution that combines hardware and software to capture documents in electronic form. It also combines innovation in industrial design, as well as in excess of ideas in the development of IT support. The solution allows fully automated document capture - without using mouse or keyboard and prevents paper entering in to organization. It is suitable for all types of sales and reception sites, through which the document usually enters in to organization. Gama System® SimpleScan also provides connectivity to any application environment, which is used either in the internal work processes, either in the downstream (banks, insurance companies) or the receiving site (public administration) in the organization.

Gama System breaks new ground in managing documents throughout their life cycle (from entering in to organization, to their long-term storage) and helps its clients entering to the world of paperless operations, increasing their competitiveness and reducing their costs.

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