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Gama System at CeBIT 2014

Gama System will be there at this year's CeBIT 2014, active especially in the development trends of current digital technologies. The company will showcase its big data solution, Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics. In the area of DMS systems, Gama System will unveil a completely redesigned Gama System® eDocs 5.


The latest version of Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics, a solution which tracks and analyzes communication on social media (Twitter, Facebook), is bringing multiple new, advanced and completely automated analyses performed real-time over social media landscape. The solution is proving its excellence in political party communications / leaders to voters communications, as well as in incidence tracking and timely response for extraordinary events like floods, fires, robberies, earthquakes, protests and similar. The solution is used in the field of brand management, tourist organizations and other tracking institutions like public research companies and live or near-live media. We are showcasing multi language sentiment analysis support this year with explicit public sentiment tracking based on SVM machine learning models for English, Russian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Bosnian and Slovenian language. We plan to support most of European languages till the end of 2014.

We are also going to showcase a new DMS solution, which radically changes the view over document management techniques in the ECM space. Our long-term investment has led us to design a new kind of system, called Gama System® eDocs 5, that includes formal and informal communication methodologies, which allow us to enable efficient information and document sharing between employees using the system itself and without stepping out of the core DMS solution. There is no need to use outside communication technologies like email, phone and even physical meetings to manage, handle and store relevant data corresponding to the actual document content. Gama System® eDocs 5, together with its innovative design, will enable you to store all process and document related content within the boundary of the application, while enabling you with a powerful and rich interface to work on a task at hand. Simple, performant and user friendly.

Mass archiving solution Gama System® eArchive, designed to optimize processing and storing of large numbers of documents, while having cryptography support for digital signatures and timestamps will be shown during this year's show. The solution is based on latest development technologies and covers requirements of the most demanding customers.

Gama System will also showcase its other document management solutions like Gama System® SimpleScan and Gama System® eDocsCloud, which allow companies to be more secure, faster and environmentally friendly.

Due to a unique combination of current technologies, innovations and advanced solutions, CeBIT lays a competitive ground for setting up new business connections. Gama System is actively signing joint venture partnerships in new business environments and is therefore inviting potential partners to our exhibition stand.

We invite you to visit us during CeBIT 2014 in Hannover in Hall 3, Stand J30. We are offering a quick, secure and efficient way of entering the digital world!

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