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Gama System celebrates its 15th anniversary

Gama System d.o.o. was founded 15 years ago (27th November 1992) as a company for development, implementation and training in the field of industrial engineering. At the beginning of its operation the majority of consulting and projects were actually implementations of ISO 9001 quality management system. An analysis was done in the company at that time which showed that ISO 9001 is going to become widely accepted. Since it requires that the system is being document we encountered the problem of its efficiency when it is defined in a paper format. After three years of business we have therefore made the decision to take Gama System into the field of computer support for ISO 9001 quality management system.

At that time there was no serious software vendor for this field in the Slovenian market. Later analyses have shown that even worldwide there were no good and complete software solutions for support of ISO 9001 standard. Since we didn’t have any computer experts employed, we first based our work on the knowledge of the field. We have abandoned the possibility to have the software developed by an existing software vendor because most of large companies have only sold third party solutions and among smaller vendors we didn’t find any that would be advanced enough.

We had already completed the extensive work of system analysis and we believed that we had prepared a great concept for the solution. This increased our ambitions therefore we contacted the Faculty of computer and information science in Ljubljana and made arrangements for cooperation with the laboratory of Saša Divjak, Ph.D., where they performed research and development phase of the project. They have selected the tools, established the development schedule, architected the solution and even wrote the code for the first modules of Gama System ISO 9001 software package.

After the research and development phase we have realized that with our approach we have achieved a number of innovations:

  • We were among the first worldwide to have started developing computer support for ISO 9001 standard. This has shown at CeBIT in Hannover where we already had the most complete solution on the fair when we exhibited for the first time.
  • Already in 1996 we used a process approach which only became a modern organizational form after ISO 9001:2000 standard arrived.
  • A brave decision for Microsoft development tools by Saša Divjak, Ph.D. in year 1995 had a crucial impact on our future development because we were among the first users of these tools in Slovenia.
  • The unique approach to the development has brought us to our own model of managing software development for both internal development and development for external customers.

The realization that brainstorming techniques give excellent results brought us to the decision to prohibit viewing of third party solutions. This is still an unwritten rule being consistently respected in the company.

We started selling Gama System ISO 9001® software package in 1998 and it is even today the most widely spread software for the support of ISO 9001 standard. Among its users are respectable customers like Salonit Anhovo, MKT Print, Union Brewery, Cinkarna Celje, Ceste Mostovi Celje and Impol.

Implementing the software at our customers has clearly shown a great potential of innovative solutions, built into the Gama System ISO 9001® software package. On the other hand the first prospects of electronic business have already started appearing and in year 2001 they brought us to the decision to start with the development of a complete system for document management and archiving of electronic documents, i.e. Gama System® eDocs and Gama System® E-Archive software packages.

We completed the development of Gama System® eDocs document management system in May 2006 and applied with it to the Slovenian forum of innovations at Hevreka!06. Our document management system was accepted among 50 of the most innovative ideas, innovations, inventions, technological and other solutions on the Heverka!06 event.

In year 2003, immediately after completing the functional and development specifications for Gama System® eDocs document management system, we started preparing the functional and development specifications for Gama System® E-Archive safe storage system for electronic documents. We completed its development in May 2007 and it is already successfully installed at the first customer – Post of Slovenia.

Our latest products together with IBM TotalStorage DR550, IBM’s top archiving system for safe storage of data, form the most complete solution on the market, i.e. Gama System document product line which is on the Slovenian market a successful competitor to even the most widely accepted solutions in the world. The document product line is also successfully entering foreign markets. Gama System has been allowed to use the "Ready for IBM Tivoli software" logo on its software after out integration has successfully completed IBM’s very demanding certification process.

Our developmental excellence and innovation is also confirmed by the following facts:

  • We were the first company in Slovenia to have developed .NET web services.
  • We were the first Slovenian company to have signed an agreement with Microsoft or more precisely with Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited, to integrate our “Gama System® OfficeResearch” web services into an official Microsoft product, i.e. Slovenian version of Microsoft Office. The agreement specifies that the Slovenian version of Microsoft Office 2003, as well as Microsoft Office 2007, will include the registration of our web services as part of the setup.
  • We were the first in Slovenia to have prepared Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets. They provide listening to the Slovenian radio stations, personal tracking of the financial and stock markets with the Slovenian portfolio gadget and viewing of exchange rates from the Bank of Slovenia, NLB, NKBM and SKB banks with Slovenian exchange rates gadget.

Achievements in the technological field and the establishment of Gama System as an advanced software vendor have allowed us to get individual projects for the most demanding customers (Post of Slovenia, Mobitel, Ministry of Culture, Microsoft…). Most of those are demanding projects which require the use of the latest and often even edge technologies.

We are convinced that our achievements so far indicate consistent innovation in the operation of the company which implemented innovation as a way of thinking, working and doing business. This approach allowed us a technological and business breakthrough by restructuring from a completely consulting company to one of the most technologically advanced software vendors with its own complete solution – Gama System document product line – which supports electronic business with all types of documents within an organization and also communication between partners.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all our business partners and customers for the cooperation and the trust they’ve shown us. We are convinced that together with you we will get even better in the next 15 years.

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