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Gama System Drives Paperless Office Through Exclusive Alliance with Netspider India

Gama System has appointed NETSPIDER as its exclusive partner for India market. 

Slovenia-headquartered Gama System specializes in solutions for paperless operations including document management, web content management, records management, image-processing applications, social content, workflows, and extended integration capabilities.

NETSPIDER has a dominance in document imaging and management solutions market since a decade across India with a strong foothold in the government segment. 

Both companies are currently executing the largest DMS project in India, with legally valid, long-term storage of over 800 million electronic documents.

“India is a big opportunity for us because of the enormous market size. We will facilitate NETSPIDER to jointly succeed in big projects in India. Our DMS solution configuration (or parameterization) can be adapted to the characteristics of individual verticals like bank, government or even large and small companies,” Marko Sobota, CEO, Gama System, said.

NETSPIDER has executed over 150 scanning and digitization projects in 2012 and 2013.

In 2014, NETSPIDER positioned solutions from Gama System’s solutions in its largest DMS project with MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) for scanning over 80 crore (800 million) documents. “Gama System has accepted the challenge by willingly investing to customize its eArchive and eDocs solutions for 91 different types of verticals for MCGM, i.e., hospitals, ward offices, garden department, and roads and traffic,” Samir Dhingra, CEO, NETSPIDER, said.

Gama System’s range of DMS solutions covers all possible requirements associated with the transition from operations on paper, to pure e-commerce and long-term archiving of electronic documents consisting Gama System SimpleScan, Gama System eDocs, and Gama System eArchive. “In developed markets, a solution can be successful if it has an extremely cost-optimized development process, offering comparable solutions at significantly lower prices, or an innovative solution, offering users a significant cost reduction and an excellent user experience,” Sobota said.

“Lower costs, ease of implementation, and increased efficiency—both in the cloud and on premise—benefits other installations. Software licensing can be both user-based and pay-per-use,” Dhingra said.

Synergy Between Gama System and NETSPIDER

Gama System produces the best enterprise-class solutions and with NETSPIDER, which has a strong reach in digitization market, the company can go a long way. The principal activity of NETSPIDER is scanning services. Advocating the need for an electronic archive, with the use of scanned documents in real-time, Gama System’s solution fits perfectly with its strategy, Sobota said.

Gama System has unique products with a simple user interface, is rightly priced, and has special features like digital signing and time stamping of electronic documents of any format, Dhingra said.

NETSPIDER will work with EY and KPMG to work on strategic accounts and sell through system integrator partners. Direct sales will be done only in case of large tenders and strategic accounts, Dhingra said. The current strategy is executing large implementations of digitization and positioning eArchive and eDocs of Gama System. “Because of the huge volume in government organizations we started with it, but we will move on to other verticals,” Dhingra said.

“The DMS market will witness a huge growth in 2015 and 2016. Content management will be personalized, with social interactions and the processes will be tailored for each individual user,” Gama System’s Sobota said.

With the successful implementation of the MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) project this financial year, the basic foundation of a successful government implementation has taken off, Dhingra said. We intend to develop and brand the document imaging and management system including the search and nested search options in Indian vernacular languages, he added.

NETSPIDER is one of the best service providers for the DMS market in India, Sobota said. “We are not interested in being the second best, we want to be a leader because our partner provides the best service in the region and we believe in the ambition and potential of NETSPIDER.”

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