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Gama System eDocs 5 - A User-friendly System for Managing Documents

In accordance with good development practices, we listened to the needs of our users and, based on responses, we exceeded expectations.

The development goal for the latest version of Gama System® eDocs was - in addition to exceptional performance, which has been there in version 4.1, to simplify the user experience. First reactions are confirming that we have exceeded expectations of our customers greatly. The new generation of DMS solution Gama System® eDocs 5 delivers advanced functionality and concepts, which are a step forward from standard DMS solutions. It excels in ease of use, while still increasing user's productivity.

Silvo Kraševec, Xenon Forte: “I have seen a lot of presentations on document and archiving systems. During your presentation my previous ideas of document management systems fell apart. All document management systems seen so far are about invoices, delivery notes, contracts, while Gama System® eDocs 5 puts the source of the document forward - the user.”

New Vision for the Future

IDC survey of IT professionals found out that the challenges related to search and document management causes 21.3% decrease in employee productivity. Most business today is already taking place in the digital world, but solutions based on the worn out concepts and visions do not yield progress in the long run The use of such a solutions drags companies back to averages.

Gama System is known as a provider of comprehensive, powerful and highly functional solutions that work well for five years or more, even without maintenance interventions. Based on these experiences, future insights and correct trend predictions in the field of DMS, we applied an innovative design and new architecture using the latest technologies. The result is a revolutionary DMS solution, Gama System® eDocs 5.

There are some unique features distinguishing Gama System® eDocs 5 from other competitive products:

  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Easy ad-hoc workflow creation
  • Built-in graphical process designer
  • DMS Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Intuitive tools for teamwork
  • Tight integration with MFP Kyocera devices

"I am fascinated by a beautiful user interface, ease of use and functionality provided by Gama System® eDocs 5. As a partner company, we will use this solution to be sold and implemented in the Indian market. I was most impressed by the fact that I was able to fully use the DMS system after a couple of hours of training. You can just sit down with the computer and start working. Fantastic!" said Samir Dhingra, Director General NetSpider India.

E Docs Computers

On-premise or cloud?

Gama System offers a modern solution architecture with Gama System® eDocs 5. One solution that runs on your servers, private or public cloud installations or as a service in Microsoft Azure.

What can Gama System® eDocs 5 do for you?

A lot. We took another step ahead of the competition. Contact us for more information.

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