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Gama System eDocs 5 - Innovative, Next Generation DMS

CeBIT 2017 is a unique opportunity to be surprised.

Invest some of your valuable time and learn about our revolutionary, innovative DMS solution. Gama System eDocs 5 is innovative today, but will become standard in the future.

Ce BIT_2017

Gama System is showcasing a new trend in the field of DMS and keeps on pushing the boundaries of visitors' expectations. Gama System® eDocs 5 is a comprehensive DMS solution, which enables perfect orchestration of information, documents, employees, suppliers and customer's business process. Users are equipped with a highly adaptable and completely customizable user interface. Without redundant information content, the system dynamically shows only the relevant information at any given time.

People love to reach for proven solutions in the belief that this also presents the smallest risk. Most do not even think that this also limits possible development advancements. Verified solutions are widespread and it is with this argument that many providers of traditional DMS solutions try to persuade their customers. In business, this is the worst thing one can do.

For all ambitious companies prepared for the challenges and commercial breakthroughs, it is now the right time to enter the DMS arena of next generation. These, new generation solutions focus on the user - rather than document types like invoices and contracts. Gama System® eDocs 5 users are in constant communication with colleagues, leads of various departments as well as customers and suppliers. To enable this we developed a collaboration platform based on principles of lean organization that supports functional organization structure and limits the harmfulness of information silos. We trigger business process activities and delegate tasks to employees in accordance with the predefines rules and processes. Simple, fast, intuitive and effective.

Traditional DMS systems are difficult to implement and learn. Therefore, it is often required to spend significant effort to convince users in DMS system benefits. With Gama System® eDocs 5 there are no problems like this. Users fall in love with the intuitive user interface making the learning curve extremely steep.

Gama System® eDocs 5 is the right answer for user's needs. Simple, efficient and user-friendly DMS.

On-premise or cloud?

Gama System uses modern solution architecture with Gama System® eDocs 5. One solution that runs on your servers, private or public cloud installations or as a service in Microsoft Azure.

Other enterprise solutions

We will also showcase a mass archiving solution, Gama System® eArchive, designed to optimize processing and storage of large numbers of documents, while having cryptography support for digital signatures and timestamps. The solution is based on latest development technologies and covers requirements of the most demanding customers.

We will also present Gama System® eArchive, which is based on the idea of optimizing the process of storing large number of documents. It supports digital signature verification, time stamping and mass archiving of electronic documents. Based on latest technologies designed to work in clustered environment with options of reconfigurations that meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Gama System will also present Gama System® SimpleScan and Gama System® eDocsCloud solutions that will make your company safer, faster and more environmentally friendly.

In the field of big data, we will showcase a well-established Gama System® PerceptionAnalytics solution, which includes 15 sentiment language models for European and major world languages.

Thanks to the unique combination of presentations of current trends, innovations and advanced solutions, CeBIT represents an exceptional opportunity to establish new business connections. In particular, we welcome visits of strategic partners for possible establishment of partnerships.

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