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Gama System eDocs in METREL and METREL Mehanika

In Gama System we believe that the transition to electronic business offers numerous opportunities, since a system oriented approach and a completely integrated solution enable enormous savings of time, space and other costs related to document management. This rationalizes and speeds up internal processes and communication with environment (business partners and government offices) as important factors in improving the competitive position of the organization. The computer aided product data management in manufacturing and similar organizations (project organizations, engineering, etc.) has a key role, even more so when all types of documentation in the organization are supported by a single solution, as is the case with Gama System® eDocs.

The management of METREL has been aware of the difficulties of the product data management and took a systematic approach to listing all of the functional requests that their future document management system should support. This allowed the management to avoid "simple and user-friendly" solutions offered by some vendors which turn out to be incomplete, less functional and less efficient.

Mr. Milan Zupančič, project support manager in Metrel, has said: "Document management is the foundation of successful business. In Metrel d.d. we searched for a solution, which would not only support the archiving of documents, but also the processes of making them. But above all we searched for a solution, which would completely manage the document versions in a manufacturing process.

The first phase in the process of manufacturing an advanced electronic product with more than 100 different components presents the technical documentation from different sources, complexly related, and constantly changing. We have noticed the eDocs application in Hannover when visiting CeBIT, which fulfilled our expectations and was also a product from our neighborhood.

After the introductory testing, eDocs was chosen, since it convinced us that it will enable us further development and could adjust to situations that could not be foreseen. The implementation of the system was carried out by Gama System on a highly professional level. We started with the most complex type of documentation, i.e. technical documentation, which is also an assurance for future support of document management in all other areas."

Gama System has also implemented eDocs at another similarly demanding costumer, i.e. ELRAD International d.o.o. from Gornja Radgona, which produces electronic components, including printed circuits. We have completely fulfilled expectations of this customer as well, therefore we expect that eDocs will be recognized as the highest standard for this type of documentation.

Both implementations in METREL and ELRAD prove the universality of eDocs for usage in various information environments. In METREL Gama System® eDocs was set up together with Kopa's ERP system, for which we developed and installed an integrator for transactional system and its Oracle database. In ELRAD the solution is successfully implemented in BAAN environment with Microsoft SQL Server. Gama System® eDocs is developed with Microsoft technology, which uses Microsoft SQL Server database. With such various installation environments we have successfully convinced the customers that our solution is compatible with existing solutions.

In Gama System we have also developed our own model of implementing software, which ensures extreme efficiency of implementation. Experiences show that Gama System is able to implement its solution successfully with support of the customer's management and within rational time frames, practically without any risks in regard to accomplishing the set goals. Therefore, Gama System has proven that it achieves best results with its own innovative solutions.

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