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Gama System eDocs received accreditation from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

Gama System received for its leading document management system Gama System eDocs the broadest accreditation from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia which includes support for individual functionalities in the process of permanent storage and support for accompanying services (document management in physical form, capturing and conversion from original analog into digital form, support for mass capturing and support for storage of homogenous documents ) as well as the accreditation for complete process of document management in digital form. The latter accreditation was granted to Gama System eDocs for its integration with the system for safe storage of electronic documents Gama System eArchive including the integration with archiving service providers based on Gama System document product line and together with the accredited hardware product IBM DR 550.

This puts Gama System eDocs alongside the Gama System eArchive electronic storage system which was accredited this summer and makes it in accordance with the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (PDAAIA), the Decree on Documentary and Archival Material Custody, the Unified Technological Requirements and the regulation of the profession. This means that the complete process of capturing, processing, management and safe storage (archiving) of electronic documents is according to the legislation, which ensures the legal validity of the documents without the need of proving it. We also help our customers to establish Internal rules which have to be confirmed by The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and are the last condition for safe transition to electronic business and carefree destruction of paper documents.

"Gama System eDocs document management system is the entry point for all types of documents which can be managed and processed throughout their complete planned lifecycle which logically concludes in the Gama System eArchive system for safe storage of electronic documents," said Marko Šobota M.Sc., general manager of Gama System. "The broadest accreditation we received for eDocs and integration with eArchive means that our document product line is entirely accredited. We have fulfilled all of the possibilities for accreditation at The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia. Our customers have the option of safe transition to electronic business without the risk of any legal consequences."

Gama System eDocs is functionally different from competing products particularly in the phase of electronic document management from their creation till their archiving. Their creation, editing, reviewing and approval can be managed in any number of steps and with any workflow implementing the customer’s business processes. The system also supports management of received paper documents, their scanning, distribution, confirmation and archiving.

Gama System eDocs is an advanced system for management of all content (ECM – Enterprise Content Management) including scanned documents, original electronic documents of external and internal origin, forms, templates and unstructured content.

The highly efficient document management system Gama System eDocs is designed to support all documents in the organization; those managed within the document management system as well as those originating from other systems and environments. Gama System eDocs document management system is designed for the most advanced companies and companies with processes which are too demanding for less efficient systems. The document management system can raise the management of documents to a higher level as it simplifies the work for employees, improves responsiveness and finally increases the success of business.

Gama System eDocs is already implemented in leading Slovenian companies such as the Post of Slovenia, ELES, Elektronček, Elrad International, Metrel, SIQ, the Institute of Public Health Celje and others.

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