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"Gama System eDocs" received "Ready for IBM Tivoli software" validation

To give customers added value in the form of integrating "IBM TotalStorage DR550" (archiving system for safe storage and management of data during the complete document lifecycle) with a document management system (DMS) IBM Slovenia approached us with the offer to integrate our software package – document management system "Gama System® eDocs" with "IBM TotalStorage DR550". At first we were surprised by the offer since we didn't have any contacts with IBM before but at the same time very glad because the offer was based completely on the criterion of "Gama System® eDocs" quality. Of course we gladly accepted the offer as a technical challenge as well as a business opportunity.

The first encounter with IBM technology was a technical challenge in spite of "Gama System® eDocs" open architecture. We estimated to complete the integration in a month which the IBM representative found very optimistic. In the end we managed to do it in three weeks and after a month we already started the certification process.

Of course we saw the initiative foremost as a business opportunity because we now have the option available to mark our solution with the "Ready for IBM Tivoli software"logo which guarantees our customers that the solution fulfills high demands of IBM and the certification process itself.

You can read more about the issued certificate on the IBM Slovenia webpage (in Slovenian).

At Gama System d.o.o. we are also proud of the fact that we are the first independent software vendor (software developer not partnered to IBM) in Slovenia and also in the EMAAS region (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Austria & Switzerland) - we don't have any information for other regions - who integrated the document management system "Gama System® eDocs" to "IBM TotalStorage DR550"

The partners have all the reasons to be convinced that they can offer a really exceptional solution to the market at a time when many potential customers are thinking about migrating to electronic business documentation. The common solution is the right answer for these needs, as each of the solutions is of top quality in its own segment and the integrated solution is bound to become one of the most advanced and efficient solutions available.

The solution is published on the IBM web pages.

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