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Gama System eDocs selected by Post of Slovenia

Gama System eDocs document management system will be used for internal management of documents, which will ease the work of employees, increase the responsiveness and affect efficiency of business operations. Post of Slovenia will be using the complete Gama System document line for managing and archiving electronic documents, which, beside the eDMS – Gama System eDocs, includes Gama System eArchive solution as well. The latter is already used for safe storage of their electronic documents and from third party customers, which are subscribed to E-Arhiv service of Post of Slovenia.

Post of Slovenia needed an efficient, advanced, permanent and reliable software solution; hence it selected Gama System to implement the document management system. When the project is closed, Post of Slovenia will be using the complete solution for managing and archiving electronic documents, based on service oriented architecture. Gama System recently received the accreditation from the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia, which confirms that the system is compliant with legislation.

"Service oriented solution demanded advanced software, which would ensure high level of security and availability, and it had to satisfy the legal requirements on the other hand," said Branko Godec M.Sc., the director of Service for information services in the Sector for informatics of Post of Slovenia. "The main advantages are legal validity and high level of document security, from the point of their creation or entering the company, through managing documents in their life cycle, to the long term storage of electronic documents."

"Enormous savings of time, space and other expenses related to managing documentation are possible using a systematic approach to electronic business operations and complete integrated solution," said Marko Šobota M.Sc., general manager of Gama System. "The decision of Post of Slovenia to implement the complete solution for managing and archiving electronic documents into its business operations is an exceptional recognition and at the same time an obligation to ensure the highest service standards to the customer. It is also the proof that our document line is a solution of the highest quality and the best domestic solution."

By signing the contract with Post of Slovenia, Gama System has made the sixth installation of Gama System eDocs document management system in year 2008, all in companies with high expectations.

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