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Gama System enters Sudanese market with its document management system

Gama System d.o.o. is announcing the signature of the partner agreement with Ashraf Communication Company, a Sudanese company from Khartoum. The partners have just completed the realization of all preparations necessary to enter the Sudanese market. This also allowed us to announce the marketing of the document product line without notifying the competition in advance what the partner is preparing. Gama System d.o.o. has given Ashrafcom exclusive rights for marketing, developing a network of local representatives and implementing its solutions on the Sudanese market. A common appearance on other Arabian and African markets is also planned.

The cooperation has been agreed upon at CeBIT 2007 where Gamal Mohammed Hassanin, Ashrafcom general manager, has visited Gama System’s exhibition stand.

The effectiveness of the discussion at CeBIT 2007 and the short time needed for the final signing of the partner agreement are another proof that the Gama System® document product line is one of the most complete and modern solutions for document management and archiving. Gama System® eDocs and Gama System® E-Archivesolutions didn’t just attract attention in local professional circles but also in foreign business public which puts Gama System in line with the most advanced companies in the field of information technologies. Its innovative system is given a special value by the fact that it is completely a result of its own knowledge and development. The company is not prepared to make any compromises by adapting a third party product.

For the needs of the local market an employee of Ashrafcom has localized all strings from the Gama System® software, i.e. approximately 36,000 words and sentences. The partners have decided to prepare an Arabic version even though English is also an official language in Sudan and as such equal to Arabic.

In November Gama System organized a one-week intensive training for the project manager from Ashrafcom to complete the preparations for the partner to start marketing activities in Sudan. The training was also attended by the partner from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

After the training has been successfully completed the joint optimism about entering the Sudanese market successfully has even increased once the Ashrafcom employee stated: “I am convinced that we have a very technologically advanced and complete solution at our hands, with functionalities I haven’t seen in any competitive solutions.” The largest DMS players in the world are already present in Sudan therefore Gama System document management system will compete with worldwide competition there as well.

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