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Gama System enters the Austrian market with its own document system

After the successful appearance at CeBIT 2005 where the electronic document management system (eDMS) "Gama System® eDocs" has been presented to the world market for the first time, Gama System is carrying out its promises on the imminent start of its business globalization.

We are proud to announce that we have just signed our first partner agreement with the Austrian company GPE IT Solutions GmbH from Vienna which has been entitled to market and implement our solution on the Austrian market. This has fulfilled our wish to enter the global market through one of the most demanding markets for IT solutions. The Austrian market is certainly such a market and this shows our ambitions to become an important player in the world software market. Taking into account our business model, i.e. to globalize our business through a network of foreign business partners, we see the entering of the world market through the Austrian market as a very important fact which should convince our potential partners from other countries that our solutions can be an opportunity for them and Gama System can be a suitable partnerfor cooperation.

The events at CeBIT 2005 have already undoubtedly confirmed that we have created one of the most complete and modern electronic document management solutions (eDMS) in the world. It is obvious that our electronic document management system (eDMS) "Gama System® eDocs" has attracted the attention of not only technical but also business public and has placed us among the most advanced companies in the IT field. The signed partner agreement certainly shows that this not only our belief.

We want to emphasize that we have developed our software completely by ourselves and haven’t just adapted an existing foreign product which gives our innovative electronic document management system (eDMS) "Gama System® eDocs" additional value.

A clear vision, a systematic approach, the use of latest technologies and the experience of the staff have certainly allowed us to understand the current and future needs of electronic document management and to assure a successful development process management from the initial design to the development and testing of the complete solution. This was in our strength and we are convinced that we have done a really good job. Therefore we are even more looking forward to the events which promise that solution will prove itself business wise as well.

Even more, we are pleased with the fact that GPE IT Solutions GmbH sees our partnership as a great opportunity for independent marketing of electronic document management system (eDMS) "Gama System® eDocs", but values even more its integration with their own complete financial solution AS/1 which allows a more efficient business process configuration and highly increases the level of automation in the AS/1 solution. This will bring an important competitive advantage to both partners, additional benefits to existing customers and a greater incentive to potential ones.

More information about our partner is available at their website: (click News to access news page)

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