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Gama System had a key role in establishing transfer of EU presidency contents to the web and mobile media

Gama System together with the Telekom Slovenije group has created a system for transferring and archiving video contents for the Slovenia's presidency of the European Union and the press conferences of the prime minister's office to the web and mobile networks. This is the first such solution in Europe, offered by the country in the presidency of the EU. It is intended for all citizens to have transparent overview of the community operations and the activities related to it. The service provides live coverage of press conferences from three different locations over internet, mobile phones, and Siol TV. It also provides access to the video archives.

This unique solution is a product of Slovenian knowledge and development. Gama System provided all required adaptations and solutions for synchronization and data transfer, automatic publishing of videos on mobile portal and graphical congruity with the integrated graphic design for the presidency. It also performs the service of automatic synchronization between the mobile portal and the web page. Telekom Slovenije and its subsidiary companies have ensured telecommunication links and their maintenance, hosting of mobile portals, real-time conversion of live video contents depending on mobile terminal requirements and hosting services. The service will be available on the following web pages and, and on the mobile portals and

"This is a new, user friendly system, which is a product of Slovenian knowledge and development," said Anže Logar, Acting Director of the Government Communication Office, during the presentation of the solution. "What we present today, will be a widely used service in the future for sure."

By developing a dynamic graphic appearance of mobile portals EU 2008 and KPV, Gama System enabled access to mobile portals for more than 400 mobile phones and more than 150 devices for streaming video contents. The technical solution enables optimal presentation of the same content on individual terminals, adjusting image size to the screen size and adjusting image format depending on the display capabilities.

Gama System® VideoUploader application enables automatic publishing of video contents on web and mobile portals EU 2008 and KPV. Video contents are saved to the archive part of the system together with descriptive metadata in all supported languages and for any portal. The application transfers the contents to the servers of Telekom Slovenije group, which then serve the contents to the web and mobile network. The customer publishes the video content only on the web portal, and the Gama System solution manages the conversion and transfer to the proper mobile portal. Web and mobile portals are automatically synchronized every minute without any intervention by the customer or the provider.

All video and static contents are available in Slovenian, English and French for EU 2008, and Slovenian and English for KPV. Apart from that Gama System also managed the adaptation of the static web portal content for presentation on mobile terminals, which can be used to access the key themes of the presidency and information about the activities of the prime minister's office.

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