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Gama System® OfficeResearch in Slovenian version of Microsoft Office 2003

Gama System has, As a first Slovenian company, signed a contract with Microsoft Corporation covering integrations of its web services called "Gama System® OfficeResearch" into a major Microsoft product – Slovenian edition of Microsoft Office 2003!

The contract covers integration of services inside all Slovenian Office distributions. With this contract Microsoft has shown a high level of trust in technical excellence and advanced solutions of Gama System.

Gama System, together with its partners are currently shipping the following services in Microsoft Office 2003:

  • Amebis: Translation of Slovenian text into English
  • Dnevnik: Article Search
  • Euro Plus: Barcode Generation
  • Pošta Slovenije: Post Number Search and Additional Post Data
  • Večer: Article Search

We at Gama System are confident that we will integrate additional services into the existing OfficeResearch product line.

You can reach this services using the following guidelines:

  • Open Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook
  • Choose View/Task Pane
  • Choose Research
  • Click "Get services on Office Marketplace"
  • You should see the services and usage instructions

You can find out more about all services and read instructions at the following URL: pod odsekom OfficeResearch.

Web service endpoint is

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