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Gama System presented a new solution Gama System eDocs SignPen at NTK 2010 conference

Gama System is extending its document product line with a new solution Gama System® eDocs SignPen for handwritten electronic signing of documents.

The accredited document management system Gama System® eDocs already has full support for digital signing of documents with qualified digital certificates. According to Slovenian legislation such documents have full legal validity. There are serious obstacles to practical usage of this perfect technological solution due to the fact that not everyone is using a digital certificate today. Some obstacles are also completely subjective since many people want to see their own handwritten signature directly on the document. The solution for this of course isn’t scanning the handwritten signature and inserting it into the document because such solutions have no legal validity and only take advantage of user ignorance.

Gama System® eDocs SignPen enables handwritten signing of documents in electronic form without having to print them on paper before signing them and rescanning them after it. The signed document can still be printed and delivered to the recipient in paper form. In the document management system the document is kept in its original electronic format without any loss of information resulting from the conversion process of the document to a physical (analogue) form only to be able to capture the handwritten signature of the person responsible.

The new solution is based on the existing advantages of Gama System® eDocs document management system. Due to its design it can be used with all types of documents (invoices, customer contracts, letters, insurance policies, etc.) within an organization regardless of its organizational form. Below are a few usage scenarios which can take advantage from Gama System® eDocs SignPen.

  • It is possible to capture user’s handwritten signature in advance so that they can be inserted into documents signed with qualified digital certificates. The reference signature can also be used to validate the authenticity of following signatures based on biometric properties.
  • In the document workflow users can confirm the contents of the document using an electronic handwritten signature alongside with or instead of a digital signature with a qualified digital certificate. The signature will automatically be inserted into the document at a predefined location.
  • • When the document is leaving the document management system, an electronic handwritten signature can be added to it. Since the document could already be digitally signed in the system this signature is primarily intended for the recipient of the document.

Gama System d.o.o. expects the new solution to contribute towards quicker adoption of electronic document management and electronic business which will lower the costs for the document authors as well as document recipients.

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