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Gama System successfully appeared at CeBIT 2005

Gama System prepared the first international presentation of its new electronic document management system (eDMS) software package "Gama System® eDocs" at CeBIT 2005. The press release officially announced high expectation from the appearance at CeBIT, particularly from the appearance at the Microsoft Deutschland GmbH exhibition stand.

The events at CeBIT 2005 have undoubtedly confirmed that we have created one of the most complete and up to date solutions in the world. Our already high expectations have been even exceeded. This has been confirmed by the reactions of visitors on our own stand as well as on the Microsoft stand.

We are satisfied by the number of visitors although we have expected that their number will be even higher on the Microsoft stand. We have been surprised by the share of the visitors who wanted a detailed presentation of the solution and have expressed serious interest for cooperation. There were over 80% of such visitors. We are very pleased by the fact that many visitors also showed interest for the "Gama System® Human Resource Management (HRM)" package and even more by their positive response to the solution, particularly after they have seen its complete integration with the electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs". Even the visitors who have been at first only interested in the electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs" have been enthusiastic for the "Gama System® Human Resource Management (HRM)" integration and even more for the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which supports the use of the document system "Gama System® eDocs" outside the company and enables electronic business inside the repro chain.

We are very satisfied with the above achievements, i.e. the number of interested business customers and their response to the software presentations, and we are convinced that this estimation will be confirmed with later commercial contacts with them.

The events related to our appearance at the Microsoft exhibition stand are a completely different story. They are "the sugar on top" and have added a significant part to our estimation that the appearance at CeBIT has been extremely successful.

For the first time Microsoft has given five partners from SE Europe a possibility to appear on the central Microsoft Deutschland exhibition stand; Gama System, as one of the five companies, has received special attention for this fact alone. For sure the attention has been planned and expected, we could say we have been thoroughly analyzed. After all Microsoft has to care what the partners are offering, how they are offering it and how they behave at the stand.

The Microsoft representatives have been already thoroughly informed about the offered solution "Gama System® eDocs" while preparing the press conference organized by Microsoft for the partners from SE Europe at the fair convention centre. In particular the moderator, a top-notch lecturer from Microsoft events, has paid special attention. At the press conference he announced the electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs" as a "visionary solution to become a standard in near future" which is undoubtedly an acknowledgement as these words have been spoken by a world recognized expert.

The events in the next afternoon have confirmed that it wasn’t just a courteous gesture and have strengthened our conviction that the Microsoft representatives see the "Gama System® eDocs" software package as an exceptional solution! The visits from Microsoft for SE Europe high management have followed one after another and they were all looking for more information on Gama System d.o.o. and the package "Gama System® eDocs". The Financial Services Industry Manager found the time for a thorough "Gama System® eDocs" presentation and after it pointed out the possibility for a common appearance on the market.

Gama System employees were enthusiastic about the response of the Microsoft management on the symbolic level, but even more about the fact how much time they dedicated to get to know the offered solutions. The Microsoft employees seemed very satisfied.

But there was another upcoming event which has ultimately shown that the electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs" is an excellent solution!

BancTec GmbH was one of the co-exhibitors at the Microsoft exhibition stand, and has been showing an OCR scanner with exceptional capabilities (250 colored A4 duplex pages per minute). Gama System d.o.o. employees had an idea to try connecting the scanner to the electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs". The BancTec employees have accepted the proposal and brought their technical expert to the fair who offered their support for the integration of the both systems. A Gama System employee actually succeeded configuring the document system sink in a very short time (between 15 and 30 minutes) to bring the scanned and OCR recognized documents (500 images per minute) into the "Gama System® eDocs" system!

Of course we were both excited about the achievement because we met for the first time and in less than half an hour we managed to integrate both systems with full functionality from the start.

We have notified the members of the Microsoft management for SE Europe about the success and those that were present have immediately visited the exhibition stand. They were noticeable satisfied about the working solution and the pro-activeness of Gama System! Their decision to inform the visitors of the Microsoft stand about it proves that it wasn’t just a courteous response to the event. This was even more confirmed by the chosen mean to do it as the selected lecturer informed the participants of his remaining six lectures about the event and invited them to check the integrated solution. It’s not something Microsoft does likely!

Till the end of CeBIT 2005 Gama System appeared at three exhibition stands, apart from its own independent stand and the Microsoft co-exhibitor stand also on the BancTec exhibition stand.

At Gama System we are certain that the assessment of our very successful appearance at CeBIT 2005 is based on real arguments which are the consequence of the quality of our own new solutions, i.e. electronic document management system (eDMS) "Gama System® eDocs" and the software package "Gama System® Human Resources Management (HRM)" as well as our active appearance. The latter importantly contributed to the opinion that we have taken advantage of every available opportunity at CeBIT 2005 and as such been recognized by Microsoft management as a serious partner who knows what he wants, who is pro-active and who offers solutions based on strong content and the latest technologies.

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