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Gama System successfully appeared at CeBIT 2006

Gama System d.o.o. is in Slovenia a leading developer of highly efficient and innovative software under its own trademark of "Gama System®" which is suitable for companies, banks and public administration. By exhibiting at CeBIT the company is gaining worldwide recognition as it wants to globalize its business by establishing a network of business partners on the worldwide market which will sell and implement "Gama System®" software on their local markets.

At CeBIT 2006 we have exhibited the following software packages:

  • "Gama System® eDocs" - Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and Product Data Management (PDM)
  • "Gama System® EArchive" - Support for archiving digitally signed and time stamped documents
  • "Gama System® HRM" - Human Resource Management
  • "Gama System ISO 9001®" integrated management system (ISO 9001/ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001/TS 16949)
  • "Gama System® BI" - Business Intelligence (OLAP – Decision Support)

Exhibition at CeBIT 2006 is for Gama System d.o.o. a logical continuation from the last year’s CeBIT where we introduced our electronic document management system "Gama System® eDocs" for the first time.

At CeBIT 2006 we have introduced our solution "Gama System® EArchive" which is designed and optimized for collecting very large number of documents, it allows packet delivery of documents, digital signature checking, document time stamping and archiving of electronic documents.

We were satisfied with the number of visitors at our exhibition stand but even more with their responses. We have presented them our solutions in detail as well as ourcompetitive advantages – the principles we adhere to in the development of our software:

  • We are developing software for the fields we have intimate knowledge of.
  • During the development we use the latest tools.
  • We believe that only systematic solutions are permanent and durable.
  • We are approaching the development in an innovative way (in a certain period we weren’t even allowed to look at other solutions) which does have its disadvantages but it’s the only way leading to important innovations.

Because of the innovations in our solutions we usually first had to explain these principles on which the solutions development is based. It became obvious that the visitors needed more detailed explanations as they encountered a completely "different solution". After we gave them the explanation and they recognized the power of the solution, they reserved up to 2 hours of their time to get to know the functionalities of the solution. Therefore we are justified to expect that with a few of our visitors we are about to start a business cooperation in near future.

The visitors were certainly most impressed by the complete integration of all our packages which brings exceptional possibilities of business process rationalization to the users and at the same time opens up the possibilities for rationalization in the repro chain by introducing electronic exchange of business documents between business partners.

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