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Gama System wants to establish new partner relationships at CeBIT 2009

Gama System, a leading developer of highly efficient and innovative software for management and safe storage of electronic documents under its own trademark Gama System® which is suitable for companies, banks, hospitals and public administration, will again exhibit at CeBIT 2009 in Hannover.

In Gama System we are well aware of current economic situation and we expect that many previous exhibitors as well as visitors will decide in favor of savings – therefore they won’t take part in CeBIT this year. In short term this is rational thinking and hard to contradict but it can be very questionable in long term.

Gama System’s answer to deteriorating economic conditions is exclusively in progress. We are convinced that times of crisis are the best times for progress. This can be an important difference from many others who react by starting saving. Therefore we decided that we will attend CeBIT this year as well. Of course we count on the fact that among the visitors (potential partners as well as end customers) there will be enough companies who have a similar business philosophy to ours. These are the visitors we count on.

We will offer them a complete solution for document management, consisting of Gama System® eDocs document management system (DMS), integrated with IBM DR550 and Gama System® eArchive system for archiving (long term safe storage) of electronic documents.

Highly efficient document management system Gama System eDocs is designed to support all documents in the organization – those directly managed inside the document management system (kernel of the solution) as well as those imported from other systems and environment, including document capturing with scanners. The solution brings exceptional possibilities of business process rationalization with complete transition to electronic document management in the client’s organization as well as in the communication with partners; the latter being supported by the Gama System® HRM and Gama System® Business Partners software packages.

Gama System eArchive is designed and optimized for collecting very large number of documents, it allows packet delivery of documents, digital signature checking, document time stamping and archiving of electronic documents. It is based on latest technologies and designed to work in a cluster of servers; it can be configured to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

We expect that the potential partners and customers will recognize the software which delivers process rationalization and optimization as a good investment. Apart from measurable costs savings it also reduces the reaction time to market changes and increases the responsiveness in dealing with business partners (buyers, suppliers, government, employees etc.). Implementation of a solution which support management and archiving of all documents in the organization requires that most of the employees get involved which has exceptional motivational effects. The fact of investing into the future is the strongest insurance that the management believes into the prospects and future development of the company. At the same time the employees are forced to deal with important matters having a positive impact on the atmosphere in the company. After all during the period of economic growth the greatest obstacle to successful and quick software implementation is usually the lack of time the key employees can dedicate to the implementation project. Based on this criterion the recession can be turned into an advantage.

We also believe in strong differentiation of our complete document product line (Gama System eDocs and Gama System eArchive software packages) with support for management and safe storage of all types of documents (electronic, created with different applications, e.g. Microsoft Word and AutoCAD, imported from other systems as well as scanned) during their complete life cycle in comparison to Imaging solutions which focus on the scanning process and therefore require a Word document to be printed and scanned first before it can be used with the existing infrastructure for workflow and document distribution.

Our document product line offers complete control over the creation, editing, reviewing and approval of documents in electronic form in any number of steps and with any workflow implementing the customer’s business processes. The system also supports management of received paper documents, their scanning, distribution, confirmation and archiving.

Both products, Gama System eDocs and Gama System eArchive, are accredited by The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and compliant with the Protection of Documents and Archives Institutions Act, the Decree on Documentary and Archival Material Custody, the Unified Technological Requirements and the regulations of the profession. This means that the complete process of capturing, processing, management and safe storage (archiving) of electronic documents is compliant with the legislation, which ensures the legal validity of documents throughout their complete lifecycle.

Gama System will also exhibit the following software packages at CeBIT 2009:

  • Gama System® HRM – Human Resources Management
  • Gama System® Business Partners
  • Gama System® Process Management
  • Gama System ISO 9001® integrated management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Gama System® Quality Reporting
  • Gama System® BI – Business Intelligence

The company selected CeBIT as one of the most important paths towards globalization of its business. The goal of these efforts is distribution of software on the world market through selected (existing and new) business partners.

Gama System business model builds on acquiring usually one business partner for each individual country, who is offered exclusive distribution rights for our software. We expect the business partners to engage in localization – translation to the local language (Gama System software is currently available in English, German, Bosnian, Arabian, Russian and Slovenian language), distribution and implementation at the end customers.

Gama System sees future partners among:

  • Companies which declare themselves as system integrators
  • Companies which sell and implement their own or third party ERP solutions
  • Companies which are service oriented (consulting for end customers)
  • Organizations which consult in the field of management, management system ISO 9001, and
  • Companies which see partnership with Gama System d.o.o. as a challenge and business opportunity to develop profitable business.

We hope that you will see this initiative as an opportunity as well and that you will join us in our partner community. All analyses show that our document management product line is one of the best document management systems worldwide in regard to its quality and completeness, and that it has large potential to succeed in the global market. We bring advanced and efficient software to the partner community and are convinced that we can do good business together and that we are the right choice as a partner.

Gama System will exhibit at CeBIT 2009 on exhibition stand B56 in Hall 3.

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