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Gama System with further access to latest development information and technologies

Gama System is also developing complete complex solutions for customers, using its own process for designing and developing advanced IT systems. The consulting services and training for latest technologies give our customers a view into the future directions of development, which brings competitive advantage, higher efficiency, and as a consequence a lower price for the solution development.

Access to latest development information on Microsoft technologies is ensured by Mr. Matevž Gačnik, application development manager in the company. He is one of few experts in the world, employed in Microsoft partner companies who was given both Microsoft titles - Microsoft regional director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

Matevž is at least twice a year in Redmond, where he cooperates with Microsoft product groups, designing the next generation of technologies for development of distributed applications, specifically within the System.Xml, System.Runtime, System.ServiceModel and System.Workflow namespaces. Access to new technologies in such an early development stage is given only to invited experts who prove their knowledge with their work, writing and industry projects.

Access to latest development information about new Microsoft products is for Gama System a privilege and also a business advantage. We use it for developing our own solutions, for consulting and for developing complete solutions for customers in Slovenia.

Matevž Gačnik reappointed for Microsoft regional director for Slovenia

January 2nd 2008

Regional directors are not Microsoft employees, therefore they are considered objective in their areas. The group of regional directors is very small, since it consists of only 140 people worldwide. In Europe there are less than 50 regional directors. Matevž Gačnik is the only regional director in Slovenia.

The regional director has access to early, verified information and Microsoft strategies, technologies and products. His basic task is to train and consult about Microsoft technologies, and share information between the development community and Microsoft.

Matevž Gačnik has been given the regional director status in January 2004. This year's appointment is the third two-year mandate. More about regional directors can be read here.

Matevž Gačnik reappointed for Microsoft MVP – Solutions Architect

January 3rd 2008

Microsoft awarded Matevž Gačnik with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – Solutions Architect title. This made Matevž one of ninety MVP's in the world for this field. The MVP title is given to outstanding members of Microsoft technical communities that have proven their excellence with special contributions.

More about MVP status can be read here.

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