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Improved working conditions for new development achievements

One of core company directions is maintaining its current technical and technological level. Both main products, Gama System eDocs and Gama System eArchive are positioning themselves besides world-known electronic document management suites. This demands more development, and more employees, allowing the company to maintain a competitive step ahead its main rivals. Therefore Gama System moved to new premises, expanding its size and employee head count.

Large enterprise solutions can only be developed by marketing on a wide, EU and world markets. Every year Gama System exihibits on the largest ICT expo - CeBIT. Due to finalization of our product line and entering of foreign markets, the company needed larger and more representative business offices, allowing it to present and host enterprise customers.


Market conditions aside, we moved to new business offices and allowed our employees to be more productive in 750 sq meter premises.

The company continues to grow and expects to employ more people in 2010.

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