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Mr. Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft Europe Chairman visits Gama System

Mr. Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft Europe Chairman visits Gama System, an advanced development company and leading solution provider in electronic document management space. Mr. Muehlfeit was accompanied by Mr. Matej Potokar, Microsoft Slovenia general manager.

Jan Muehlfeit is responsible for engaging with European governments and policy makers, academics and other societal stakeholders in Brussels and across EU member states.

His goal is to ensure that Microsoft continues to act as a trusted, open partner that listens and contributes to Europe’s agenda, enabling long-term growth, local economic competitiveness and job creation and innovation.

The opportunity to present our product line (Gama System eDocs, Gama System eArchive) and discuss possibilities of using electronic document solutions inside government and other large organizations was important to reinsure our future direction. Mr. Muehlfeit emphasized the necessity of moving away from paper documents and declared our approach as competitive and future proof.

His thoughts and views, including detailed analysis of global business environment, correspond with our direction in this important IT space.

In this way, Mr. Jan Muehlfeit's visit confirms our correct technology direction and strengthens our partnership with Microsoft Corporation.

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