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Successful Appearance at NT Conference 2005

We managed to get a lot of attention especially giving three talks on electronic document archiving:

  • Electronic Document Archive: Business Views on Electronic Archives, Boštjan Lavuger (Pošta Slovenije), Matevž Gačnik
  • Electronic Document Archive: Architecture of Service-Oriented Solution, Matevž Gačnik, Boštjan Lavuger (Pošta Slovenije)
  • Electronic Document Archive: "Gama System® e-Docs" as a Client, Damir Arh

Mr. Lavuger's session is definitely a great advance in classifying what a document archive is, how it responds and what are its core functionalities. He managed to stress a fundamental part in our document archiving solution which supports current legislation as well as our client expectations. He has shown a complete solution functionality requirements connected to document archival process.

Gama System is, together with Slovenian National Post (Pošta Slovenije,, preparing a complete solution for electronic document archiving. The solution will be available to general public in Q3 2005.

Our second session, held by Matevž Gačnik, Architecture of Service-Oriented Application, demonstrated a working test version of electronic archive. We discussed different pitfalls in designing enterprise class applications, especially in service-oriented scenarios. A working demonstration was shown where we archived a document into the electronic document archive, together with time-stamping, digital signature checking and confirmation messages.

Third session titled "Gama System® e-Docs" as a Client, held by Damir Arh, discussed a complete electronic document management system we designed at Gama System. "Gama System® e-Docs" handles all kinds of documents from different sources (internal, external, digitized, ...), enables document-based business processes, messaging and collaboration.

This time we've shown the integration possibilities between "National Post E-Archive" and "Gama System® e-Docs" as a client. We strongly believe that business benefits of having a simple, coherent solution will make a definite impact in decision making process of our customers.

Our product enables two different usage modes:

  • Customer uses "Gama System® e-Docs" as a complete document management solution together with the electronic archive solution offered by Slovenian National Post.
  • Customer uses "Gama System® e-Docs" as a standalone system, covering all document management needs without document archival.

Our future customers have complete control over decision making process of whether to keep their documents inside our system or archive them safely inside a robust document archive system. "We believe that having a single software vendor for both solutions offers a super important benefit for our customer's.", said Marko Šobota.

We also delivered two technical sessions covering an upcoming Microsoft technology, codenamed "Indigo". We are keeping track of modern technologies and implementing them in our products:

  • Microsoft Indigo: Overture, Matevž Gačnik
  • Microsoft Indigo: Symphony, Matevž Gačnik

Matevž, who is a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in XML, also presented his second book titled Architecture of Modern .NET Solutions – Design Patterns. Book was also delivered to all "Indigo" attendees.

Gama System also appeared as an exhibitor this year, where all major current partners and new potential partners saw our new solutions.

We are especially excited about a visit from Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, where Mr. Dan Bulucea – Platform Strategy Manager Eastern European Headquarters and Mr. Rupert March Business Development Manager Eastern European Headquarters visited us. Mr. Beluce and Mr. March first visited us on CeBIT 2005 in Hannover, where we discussed a potential our software systems have on general business process inside medium/large companies. As in Hannover, they were delighted of capabilities of our "Gama System® eDocs" document management software suit.

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