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Successful CeBIT 2000 presentation

We are also very pleased that a lot of consultants on ISO 9001 field have visited our stand. They are experiencing the problem of customers rejecting manual solutions and are sure that only computer aided systems are promising and valuable solutions. Most of consultants were from Germany, Italy and Lithuania.

Our computer system was graded very positively among our visitors. Most of them think that deciding to support manual system while there are computer aided systems available is not appropriate nowadays. That, among others is also a CeBIT goal, as is rechecking of your ideas, checking of decision correctness and solution comparison. We have successfully completed that game.

We did not present on this trade show just to satisfy our business plans. We think that based on visitor count we will be pleased even in this field. We had some serious contacts during the CeBIT trade show and are continuing in our after-show acrivities and realization of talks.

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